Step 1

Initial Contact

Initial contact is usually made by you or your architect. We'll ask you some questions regarding your project (timeframes, budget, tender / open book etc) and also enquire which stage the building consent is at. We'll then organise to meet you onsite.

Step 2

The Site Visit

The aim of this meeting is to:

  • Put a face to the name and get to know each other a little more
  • Discuss how we might be undertaking the project (site set-up, number of staff onsite, estimated start date)
  • Take some photos and measurements to help with pricing

Step 4

Sign Contract

Once all costs have been agreed, the following will need to be completed:

  • Signing of a full building contract. This is either supplied by us or your project manager
  • You will be presented with the Pharaoh Construction 5 Star Guarantee
  • A start date will be confirmed

Step 3

Pricing & Planning

We will then begin pricing your project. All documents will be sent to any relevant subtractors. We will also work out an estimated construction period and offer any ways to reduce costs where possible. During this stage, building consent should be approved ready to start construction.

Step 5

Work Onsite

The big day has come.Building consent has been sorted, contracts signed. LET THE WORK BEGIN!! Depending on the size of the project or the stage at which the project is at, site meetings will be held weekly or fortnightly.

Step 6


All works onsite are now complete. Final site clean has been completed. Final council inspection has been obtained and code of compliance applied for. You're ready to move in!

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