Our Guarantee

We go above and beyond delivering a great product, we deliver a full professional service backed by our guarantee.

Your Vision Your Home

We want your home to be your absolute dream, any changes you would like to make at any stage of the project is your choice. We will sit down with you and work out a plan to either add or subtract on your build. We will not only meet but exceed your expectations


You will get piece of mind by receiving up-to-date information at each stage of the project. We will be in regular contact throughout the the duration of the build. You are always welcome to ring us, visit the site or to arrange a meeting at anytime

Smooth Process

You will receive a detailed schedule so you will know in advance what to expect and when to expect it


We guarantee our staff and all those contracting to K & T Barnes builders to complete the build of your home will show you our client, and your property, the respect you and your family deserve. There will be no swearing on site in your presence. Expect to be greeted on site with a smile and introduced to those you have not yet met. Expect your safety to be looked after, as we will advise you of any safety issues that may be present during your visit

A Clean Site At The End Of The Job

You will return to a tidy, inviting new space because our experienced, skilled and hard working team know how to clean up after themselves. We will also have a professional cleaning service come in and make your home ready for you to occupy and enjoy immediately

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